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If you thrive on symbolism, unconventional thinking, stories that blow the gender binary to pieces, and ideas that shake up your understanding of the world, you’ve found the right place. 

I started reading memoir because I wanted to write memoir. But reading memoir, even more than making me a better writer, is making me a better human—one who is interested in knowing the world and the people in it. One who is casting off false identities and moving into more authentic ways of being. One who believes every person under the sun has a story to tell that I need to hear. 

Every review I post here is intended to lift up the memoir, its author, and their call to action. Any memoir I write about, I’ve read (or listened to) and considered deeply. Whether you choose to support my work through reading, sharing my reviews with a friend, or becoming a free or paid subscriber, thank you for your time and attention.

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Creative nonfiction reader and writer. Queer / eternally questioning. Memoir hype-person. Words in Publishers Weekly, HuffPost, and Salon. Find me on FB/IG @melissagopp and online at melissagopp.com